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minliving Compostable Mailers are a sustainable shipping solution. They are made from a combination of PBAT and cornstarch and are 100% compostable. We take pride in the fact that even though our mailers are compostable, they are just as durable and tough as plastic mailer bags.



  • A perforation line is added on the flap of the mailer for easy and convenient opening without using scissors
  • The design layout on the back has been reorganized so that the important information about composting can be read easily even when the mailer has been folded over to reuse.
  • The strength of the adhesive strips have been enhanced, making it tamper-proof



100% Truthfully Compostable

  • Went under rigorous research and testing
  • 100% home compostable

  • Composts within:

    • 4-8 months in a home-compost

    • 3 months in an industrial composting facility

    • 2 years in a landfill


To compost at home, remove any shipping labels, cut them up, and place them in your compost bin. Expect the mailers to break down within 120 days.



Strong and Durable Compostable Mailers

  • Strengthened by the combination of cornstarch and PBAT

  • Thick and flexible 

  • Tear and puncture-resistant



Don’t worry about your products getting wet!

  • 100% Water-resistant

  • Can withstand all kinds of climates



Yes, you can reuse it again!

  • Designed with TWO Adhesive strips for future shipping use

  • Can be reused as a bag or pouch to store contents


Keep it Cool to Optimize its Shelf Life

  • Best kept out of direct sunlight

  • Keep in cool and dry conditions to optimize shelf life

  • Shelf Life: 9 - 12 months


For bulk orders, we highly recommend that you order a quantity sufficient for 3 - 6 months worth of shipments.

UPGRADED minliving Compostable Mailer - S size, 6" x 9"

$14.90 Regular Price
$11.20Sale Price
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