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Compostable Mailers

Review from Daniela


Durable and great price

I love that these bags are compostable. They are durable.

Review from Ellen


Such a well thought out Eco friendly mailer.

Size: M | Color: Black, 100 pack

This will literally be my first review on Amazon. I have an upcycling jewelry business so I have been searching for an environmentally friendly mailer and have used a lotttt of them. These are for sure the most well thought out mailers. I am obsessed! You have a lifetime customer for sure.

Review from Lara Cornell


Exactly what I was looking for

Size: S | Color: Pink, 50 pack

I’m an author and have been looking for a mailer with minimal impact, but also beautiful to fit my brand and these were perfect! Love that they also have the instructions on them for the consumer so they know what to do with it when they are done. Too many sustainable products don’t give clear instructions and therefore still end up in the trash. So happy with these!

Silicone Sleeves

Review from randy jackson


Love them!

Love them!

Review from Aurora Mariscal



I had to wait for the colors I wanted but it worth it.

Review from Amazon Customer


Works well.

Easier to get them on when the mason jars are cold. They do well to insulate the jars while heating them i the microwave.

Resealable Bags

Review from Samantha Croft


Very nice Eco Friendly bags!

Size: S | Color: 85 Pack

I am a reseller and like to send out little "happy" gifts with the items my customers purchase. Usually some wipes and stickers and wanted something a little more environmentally friendly then the plastic sandwich bags I was using.

These are perfect. They are a great size and hold all the things I want it to and it isn't a huge burden on the Earth. I'm slowly changing over all my packaging to be eco friendly so this was another step.

They are frosted and not completely see through. They explain that the bag is compostable so whether they want to put it in their compost at home or it goes to a landfill, eventually it will break down unlike most plastics. They are very lightweight and seem thin but I haven't noticed any rupturing.

So I'm overall very very satisfied with this purchase and plan on getting more in the future!

Review from Amazon Customer


Love that they are compostable!

Size: S | Color: 85 Pack

So many "biodegradable" bags out there made of 100% plastic :(

I love that these are compostable/actually eco-friendly.

These are the perfect size for our charity project, only thing that slowed me down was the strip you peel off to make the bags stick would static-stick to me like CRAZY lol so if there is a trick to that I'd love to know ;)

Biodegradable Tape

Review from Desert Dancer


Effective packaging tape and does biodegrade

I was surprised this tape adheres effectively for shipping and packing. It looks yellowish on the role, but goes on clear. I tape it over shipping labels with no problem. Also, it fits on my Scotch tape dispenser (large one).
I took a piece of the tape and buried it in the edge of a pot I have herbs growing in to test how quickly it biodegrades. The
video (Review by @Desert Dancer) shows three weeks of biodegrading. It kept breaking further apart in my hands to nothing.
This will be my shipping and packing tape from now on.

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