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Compostable Mailers

Review from Morgan H


The Best for Small Businesses

Size: M | Color: Pink, 50 pack

I've been using minliving mailers for the last 6 months for my etsy shop, and these mailers have been perfect for my needs. My customers love that they receive their items in compostable packaging, they're sturdy, cute, and have minimal text on the side that I put my shipping label on (unlike other mailer brands). I love knowing I'm not contributing to plastic pollution as much as I was in the past. The pink mailers are slightly transparent (which is stated in the product description anyways, and I have no issue with it)- so be aware that you should be wrapping your product in tissue or something similar before mailing if you're worried about your product being seen. All in all, I really love these mailers and will probably be using them for the rest of my days!

Some extra feedback for minliving- you guys should try offering custom printed mailers if possible. I'd like to buy pink mailers with my logo on them, and I know other companies offer that, but I just like this product too much to try any other companies!! Thank you for making the best mailers!!

Review from Suzanne


Wonderful ! Second time ordering them

Size: S | Color: Black, 50 pack

I've been using these for my little shop <33 I initially sought them out because I really did not want to use bubble mailers after reading they aren't recyclable and that's what the majority of stores on here are selling, I'm so glad to have come across this store ! these are durable, they are not bubble mailers, they are bags but they are not thin so you can rest assured that they'll be able to go through the mailing process and come out just fine. I don't need bubbles or anything like that for the particular items I sell, so keep in mind that these don't provide a cushion for delicate and fragile items and you'll have to provide that yourself if you need it. I'd also like to mention that a lot of comments have brought up the smell, in my experience they don't reek or anything like that, if you bring it up to your nose, well then you'll smell the material but that can be said about just about anything. I'm very glad to be using these, they make me feel good about and hopefully my customers have also been appreciative of it, I recommend them :]

Silicone Sleeves

Review from Andrew


We love them!

To my surprise, they’re extremely easy to remove/put on.
Great bumper! Saved my masons from breaking many times.

Review from Kayle


Mason jar sleeve

I am loving the sleeves for my mason jars!


Resealable Bags

Review from Katt


Great for small buisness

Size: S&M | Color: 120 Pack

I love saving the environment. These were a game changer for my small business. Highly recommend!

Review from Lizbeth Lozoya



Love these first because they’re compostable second because they reseal very well plus they’re soft!

Size: S&M | Color: 120 Pack

Biodegradable Tape

Review from Diane


I feel much better using sustainable single-use office supplies

Size: 3/4 in | Number of Items: 3

This is really good for artists and small business owners who care about the earth.

Review from Jimmy S.


Super Sticky!!

The stick power on this is amazing! A little skeptical if this is 100% compostable but we need better systems in place to test that...maybe I could when I have time...Though I think this did come in plastic packaging which is a bit of a letdown.

Size: 3/4 in | Number of Items: 3

Review from Tori


Good gift wrapping tape

Size: 3/4 in | Number of Items: 3

I got this as a more sustainable alternative to the classic plastic wrapping tape. Its slightly more yellow than the usual tape I use but it looked fine on the wrapping paper. Since the roll is so large it wouldn't fit in a typical tape holder, but it was pretty easy to just rip it. The tape also seemed to stick well, even after touching it and leaving fingerprints a few times. Overall would recommend if you're looking for something more sustainable.