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Compostable Mailers

Review from Doctor Donna


 I like the biodegradability

The instructions for second uses on the back gets covered by the 5x6 customs form when I ship it, defeating the purpose of being able to use it twice. The only solace is knowing that it will still degrade if thrown away in the trash.

Feels thin but it takes a bit of pressure and effort to poke a hole through the packaging.

Review from Taina


Very nice

They are a bit lighter than I was expecting but I don't mind. The smell was not overwhelming, I didn't even notice it. I love that the bags are sustainable and affordable!

Review from Zubeida D.



great quality, love that they're reusable, very sleek and perfect for packaging clothes.

Silicone Sleeves

Review from Amazon Customer



Got these for my mason jar bottles. I like these ones a lot better than the ones from the mason jar website. They are thicker and stronger. Can still see measurements on them.

Review from Prime User


Works great!

Works great to transition my little one to drinking from a small mason jar glass. I love that you can still see the measurements on the side of the jar.

Review from AdamAndWendy


Great to make canning jars non-slip

Using these on our canning jars for baby bottles right now, and will continue to use them later after baby bottle phase (including for iced coffee for me!)

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