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Our Story

It all started with,

“There must be  

another way”

We have been selling products online since 2015. Just like any other entrepreneur, we thought we were left with no choice but to use plastic mailers to mail our products. One day, we visited a friend who had a recycling company and realized how much waste was being accumulated. With a sudden epiphany, I thought that “there must be another way” of living. We began educating ourselves about sustainable products and came across the idea of circular economy. It was totally life changing! We were instantly inspired by this way of thinking that we could in fact remodel our lifestyle and consumption if we just educate ourselves with alternatives and make the switch. From here, we began our journey to sustainable products.

The Birth of

Truthful Sustainable Products

      As an entrepreneur with a mission to foster a conscientious way of living, I began researching sustainable products that could benefit society while minimizing its impact on the environment. Finally in 2019, inspiration came to us when we noticed our friends offer glass cups to their children for drinking, with the intention of instilling sustainability. This was a surprise because most parents would prefer to use plastic cups for drinking, especially for toddlers. Interested in their lifestyle, we asked what their pain points were and found out that the only challenge in making the switch was the risk of the glass breaking. We contemplated this challenge and sought a way to make the transition easier for parents and children. 


     After going back and forth with our focus group that consisted of patient, conscious mothers with small children, we were able to conceptualize silicone sleeves for glass jars that’s low-impact and sustainable. They are perfect for children transitioning from bottle to a glass cup because instead of using plastic cups, children can now drink in glasses with the help of our silicone sleeves designed with an original hex grip design to avoid slips and breakage.


      By January of 2020, we finalized our design and started selling silicone sleeves.

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The COVID-19 Effect

Everything took a different turn when the COVID-19 outbreak began. With lockdown implemented everywhere, people were left with no choice but to shop online and this resulted in too many unnecessary plastic mailer bags. Even if I recycled and reused it, there were just too many plastic mailers bags piling up our place. As a result, we saw the need to search for a sustainable alternative to plastic mailers when online shopping became essential.

The Discovery To

Make the Switch

With months of research, we finally came across a compostable PBAT Cornstarch Based Mailer where strength and durability, and waterproof quality is almost identical to plastic mailer. Finally, a sustainable alternative solution is now available in the market! We immediately used this for our business and were personally happy with what the compostable mailer could achieve. After rigorous trials and testing not only its quality but also its compostability, we were finally ready to launch the compostable mailers to the market.


The Birth of the minliving


It didn’t take long before we got the ball rolling and launched  minliving - where we focus on minimizing impact necessary. We aspire to be the source for truthful sustainable products to jumpstart society in living conscientiously. Silicone Sleeves was also added to the brand as it was designed with the same value in mind.


Moving Forward 

     We hope that you were motivated to jumpstart your journey to a conscientious way of living through our humble story. We continue to look for other ways that are going to change how we take care of our environment even if it means that we create and spearhead the change ourselves.  We are more than just a business, we want to help spread awareness that there are other sustainable alternatives to what we are used to and that in these choices, we can choose a better option with mother nature in mind.

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