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Using eco-friendly packaging but with plastic packing tape? Let’s not forget to use eco-friendly tape to pack your stuff and have a good start with our Biodegradable Tape in your go-green journey. minliving Biodegradable Tape is ninety percent made from renewable resources. They are a great alternative to plastic tape since the cellophane packaging tape is constructed from biobased materials while its natural rubber adhesive consists of predominantly renewable raw materials.



100% Truly Biodegradable

  • Made from plant-derived cellulose film with Natural rubber adhesive
  • Can achieve 85% biodegradability in 180 days
  • Comes packed in biodegradable packaging



Strong, Sticky, and Durable

  • Stronger than non-reinforced water-activated tape
  • Thicker than most tapes
  • Can be used under temperatures between -4 to 176 Fahrenheit



Don’t worry about your products getting wet!

  • 100% Water-resistant
  • UV and Moisture resistant which help protect items if left outdoors.
  • Can withstand all kinds of climates



Low noise and Tear-by-hand tape

  • Can be easily torn by hand for ease of use.
  • Low noise while dispensing
  • Fits in a standard 3” inch tape dispenser 



Designed with a “BIODEGRADABLE” label

  • Printed with a biodegradable label over the transparent, clear tape
  • Showcases your eco-friendly business practices



Great for home, office, and business use!

  • Can be used for office use, gift wrapping, shipping labels, flower wrapping, craft projects, and wrapping products
  • 70 yards of biodegradable tape
  • 1.93  inches standard box packaging width

minliving Biodegradable Tape - 1.93 inches x 70 Yards [Printed]

$28.99 Regular Price
$25.99Sale Price
  • Tested by NTSQP based on Postal Industry Encapsulation Tape and follows the Biodegradable Adhesive Tape Standard (YZ/T 0160-2-2017)

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