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Why You Should Use Silicone Sleeves For your Mason Jars

Curious about using silicone sleeves to protect and dress up your glass mason jars? Check out this article on why you should use silicone sleeves for your mason jars!

The Mason Jar History

minliving silicone sleeves

Mason jars have been around since 1858 when John Landis Mason invented the square-shouldered jar with threaded screw-top, matching lid, and rubber ring for an airtight seal. At the time, many fruits and vegetables were only available depending on the season, and using Mason jars was a practical canning alternative to drying, pickling, or smoking to preserve food. The glass mason jar allowed people to see what was inside and was available in their pantry. Before the invention of Mason jars, jars had a flat, un-threaded top, across which a tin flat lid was laid and sealed with wax. It was messy, unreliable, and unsanitary that’s why John Landins Mason felt the urge to innovate and create the durable, versatile, sanitary Mason jar.

Today, the Mason jar has evolved to be more than just a canning apparatus. It is being repurposed into everything from salad containers to vases to office supply holders. Now it has sizes from small to big regular mouth and wide mouth mason jars. Lately, it has been gaining popularity among the Millenials and Gen Z. To this generation, Mason jars are seen as an eco friendly alternative to plastic cups and are the perfect instagrammable glass for their smoothies, coffee, freshly squeezed juices, and overnight oats.

Silicone Sleeves: More than just aesthetic

With more people using Mason jars as their go-to beverage cup or tumbler, accessories such as silicone sleeves were produced to protect and dress up Mason jars. Silicone sleeves are one of the eco friendly silicone products in the market today. They are made from premium grade silicone which is derived from silica, a naturally abundant and readily available source. If you’re curious about these aesthetic silicone sleeves, here are 4 reasons why you should use silicone sleeves for your mason jars:

1. Silicone Sleeves are eco friendly and non-toxic

In our previous article, Why Silicone is better than plastic, we discussed how silicone products are made from a combination of natural resources such as silica, and non-renewable materials. It is far more a better alternative than plastic that’s primarily made from petroleum-based material and has been leaving microplastics that pollute the earth. Compared to plastic, silicone sleeves are non-toxic, gentle to the environment being made with fewer, easily accessible, low-impact raw materials, and could last a very long time. Instead of using a plastic cup for your next dine-out order, opt to choose to bring your own mason jar with silicone sleeves.

2. Silicone Sleeves provide heat insulation

Not only do they provide such an aesthetic look, but silicone sleeves are also heat insulators! Silicone sleeves keep the heat as well as keep the cold out. When you pour a hot drink into your mason jar, it will retain its temperature while protecting your hands from getting burned. This is due to its thick, durable, and flexible material that doesn’t melt or break. In fact, it can withstand extreme temperatures way above 200°C and down to as low as -60°C without deforming. No more burned hands and cold beverages that were intended to be hot; just perfectly retained temperature!

3. Silicone sleeves can be used to color code

Avoid Mason jar confusion when you and your family use silicone sleeves! Color code your mason jars with the different colors available in the market today. By using personalized mason jars, you could ensure the hygiene and safety of the drinker. Check out minliving 5-Pack Combo Multi-Color Silicone Sleeves for unique silicone sleeve colors!

4. Silicone sleeves prevent slips due to the grip assistance

Ever experienced drinking from a cup and accidentally losing grip? The good news is, this scenario is avoided when you use silicone sleeves. With its non-slip material, silicone sleeves are a great way to prevent slips and glass breakage as it assists users with its extreme grip as it fits snuggly into the Mason jar. This is why using silicone sleeves is great for children who are transitioning from bottle to cup and even prevents adults from accidents while holding heavy, wet Mason jars.

minliving Silicone Sleeves

minliving silicone sleeves

If you are looking for silicone sleeves, check out minliving silicone sleeves by minliving. They are 100% non-toxic, phthalate-free, plastic-free, BPA/BPS-free, and are made with premium-grade silicone. It is convenient and practical to use since they are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. What sets minliving silicone sleeves apart, is their original hex grip design which enhances the grip of the sleeve and a volume indicator for measuring intake. They are available in 8oz and 16oz regular mouth or wide mouth Mason jars.

If you are new to the glass mason jar, minliving offers bundle sets that showcase the glass mason jar, minliving silicone sleeves, and the airtight lid. Minliving silicone sleeves also just release new multicolor Mason jar silicone sleeves perfect for all ages and seasons! For more info, you can check out minliving silicone sleeves here.



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