minliving Compostable Resealable Bags are a sustainable alternative to traditional poly bags. They are made from a combination of PBAT and PLA (a corn based biopolymer) and are 100% compostable. They can be used as the first layer of protection within a mailer during the shipping process. We take pride in the fact that even though our bags are compostable, they are just as durable and tough as plastic bags.



100% Truthfully Compostable

  • Went under rigorous research and testing

  • 100% home compostable

  • Composts within:

    • 4-8 months in a home-compost

    • 3 months in an industrial composting facility

    • 2 years in a landfill


To compost at home, remove any shipping labels, cut them up, and place them in your compost bin. Expect the mailers to break down within 120 days.


Classy, Trendy Look

  • Frosty, translucent appearance

  • Self-customizable on the front section



Dust and Moisture Protector

  • Acts as a protector to your precious products

  • Seals well

  • Protects your items from dust and moisture build up

  • Reusable



Meets the Amazon FBA Requirements for bundling packaging

  • Printed with 3 different languages of suffocation statements (English, Spanish, French)

  • Barcode can be scanned through the bag

minliving Compostable Resealable Bag Combo - S & M size

SKU: minliving-resealable-bag-S&M-120
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